Eat Your Hat Honduras Ground Coffee (200g)

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A light roast single origin Fair Trade ground coffee that’s organic, fairer than fair, eco-friendly, completely sustainable, and utterly delicious – all at once. You’ll never find any nasty GMOs here. This is organic coffee that changes lives, saves the earth, and uplifts everyone it meets along the way. ‘Impossible!’ you cry? Prepare to Eat Your Hat!

This organic Arabica coffee is grown and picked by hand by women at the Asociación de Productoras Libres de Marcala (APROLMA) co-operative in west Honduras. Here, all the coffee is gathered from 69 much loved micro-plots. After harvesting, Eat Your Hat roast the beans here in the UK, packing them in packaging printed at a zero-emissions factory powered by hydroelectricity.

Sit back and take a sip to experience hints of zesty citrus, rich cocoa, and juicy berries.