Multi Striped Hand Loom Recycled Cotton Rug

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Bold, full of life, and packing a great punch - this irresistible rug will spice up any room in the house. Made from recycled cotton and woven by hand, making it a really sustainable product.

How important is cotton to India?

The cotton industry is vital to many workers in India, In 2017, India contributed 26% of the total global harvested cotton. 

However, in many cotton mills in India, women and children are exploited, with dangerous working conditions, low pay and long hours. 

Every year a large number of India’s cotton farmers are poisoned by their exposure to pesticides. This exposure leads to chronic illnesses, and sometimes even death.

This rug carries the Good Weave Mark, which is an assurance that the needs of farmers and workers come first. It means that no children have been involved with the making of these rugs. 

Environmental benefits of recycled cotton:

  • Requires far fewer resources than conventional or organic cotton
  • cotton is one of the most biodegradable fabrics, especially as this rug is 100% recyclable cotton. 
  • Cotton is an extremely resource-intense crop. Using recycled cotton can lead to significant savings of natural resources and reduce pollution from agriculture.

Size: 90 x 150cm

100% Recycled Cotton

Hand Crafted In India