Rubber Gloves


We love to find an everyday product with the fair trade mark and these rubber gloves are just that - a practical product which is exploitation-free! From rubber gloves, to condoms, to wellington boots rubber is a part of our lives and is much more sustainable and eco friendly than oil based products, but it isn't always fair. 

Rubber is still made by tapping trees by hand and collecting the run off latex in buckets, but the workers are often badly paid, they have to use hazardous chemicals with little equipment and their plantation housing can be pretty poor. 

The Fair Rubber Association was set up to make things better. They care for the health, well being and living conditions of the rubber workers, making sure they're protected from chemicals and aren't working the long hours which are standard in the industry. In India and Sri Lanka workers now have access to clean water for drinking and bathing, electricity, medical insurance and support for further education. 

Size: Medium