Traidcraft Breakfast Blend 80 teabags

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This refreshing brew, grown by smallholder co-operatives in the high altitudes of the Great Rift Valley, Kenya, has fairness at its heart.

When pioneering fair trade business Traidcraft went into administration at the start of 2023 the product we missed most was their wonderful tea, and we weren’t alone! Trade justice charity Transform Trade and ethical food business True Origin teamed up to bring it back and in doing so support fairtrade tea growers. 

Each box of Traidcraft tea carries the Fairtrade mark which means a fair income for farmers, a support network with advice and training available, and payment of the Fairtrade Premium for community projects such as schools, water treatment plants or sustainable energy solutions.

Did you know? Much of the world’s tea is still grown on huge estates set up during the colonial era. Workers live in estate owned houses on site, often in poor conditions where low pay is common and abuses are rife. Smallholder co-operatives working under fairtrade conditions provide an alternative, giving farmers much more control over their own lives and work.